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Our special assays



Proteomics analysis

  • Quantitative multiplex proteomic analysis on small volume of samples, including bodily fluids.

  • Semi-quantitative analysis of single cell proteomics.

  • No need for separate bioinformatic analysis thanks to IsoSpeak®, an analytic program that can translate raw data into cell profiles and population shifts.

  • Several available panels with over 15 analytes.

Mitochondrial Assays

  • Isolation of mitochondria from cell culture.

  • Replacement of indigenous mitochondria with donor mitochondria.

  • ROS quantification, TMRM, heteroplasmy tests and more.

Multiple Tissue Arrays

  • High throughput – up to hundreds of samples on the same slide.

  • Flexible design.

  • IHC scoring based on staining intensity and cell proportion.

Assay development 

  • Establishment of optimal conditions for IHC and ISH.



  • Antibody profiling using IHC. 

  • Novel screening methods for production of monoclonal antibodies.

  • ELISA of all types.

  • ADA - Anti Drug Antibodies.



  • GLP compliant method development and validation.

  • Detection and quantification of small molecules, peptides, RNA and DNA, proteins and antibodies in complex biological matrixes – plasma, serum, tissue, urine, saliva, CSF and more.

  • Toxicity, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics.

  • Drug formulation and stability.


3D tumor cells - Spheroids

  • A method for replicating the tumor spatial organization, with an outer layer of highly proliferating cells, middle region comprising senescent cells and a core containing necrotic dead cells.

  • Co-culturing of several types of cells from the tumor microenvironment for enhanced complexity.

  • Penetration research into tumor cells by mirroring natural gradient of nutrients and environmental conditions.

  • Complex gene expression which more closely resembles that of a tumor tissue in vivo

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