List Of Assays

Cell-Free Assays

Enzymatic Assays

Methodology:  ABS, Fl, FP, HTRF

Intended Purpose: Determination of kinetic parameters such as Km, Vmax, etc.; IC50; Low, Medium, and High throughput Screening.

Enzymatic Assays for:

  • Kinases (PKC alpha)


  • Proteases (HIV1 Protease, Cathepsin B)


  • Phosphodieasterases (PDE V)

  • Metabolic Enzymes

  • ECM (Collagenase, Transglutaminase)

  • G-Protein

  • Adenylate Cyclase

  • FAAH

  • Biliverdin reductase FI

Receptor Activities

Methodology: FP, HTRF

Intended purpose: Ligand, agonist and antagonist binding: Determination of Kd, Bmax, EC50 and IC50 for inhibitors.  



  • Trimeric G-proteins

  • Small G Proteins; Examples: Protein Gq, Rac

  • Estrogen Receptors

Immuno Assays:

Methodology: ELISA, FACS, FP

Detection of analytes/molecules though with the aid of antibodies (eg ELISA)

  • hCGbeta, hFc, MCP1, Insulin

  • Collegen


Intended purpose: establishing assays for protein-protein interactions, preparation of samples, antibodies characterization

  • Cell extractions 
    Methodology: RIPA

  • Protein detection
    Methodolgy: SDS-PAGE, WB

  • Protein quantification
    Methodology: Bradford, Lawry, BCA

  • Proteomic profiling
    Methodology: 2-D gel

Protein-Protein interactions

Methodology: ELISA, HTRF, FP, Alpha-screen, SEC analysis


Phosphorylation & De-Phosphorylationin vitro

Methodology: W.B, HTRF, FACS

Detection of: cytoplasmic, nuclear, membrane, and cytoskeleton proteins
Methodology: ELISA, W.B., FACS, IP

Ligand protein interaction:

  • Binding assays
    Methodology: IP&W.B., FRET, HTRF, FP

  • Competition-based binding assays 
    Methodology: IP&W.B., FRET, HTRF, FP

  • Inhibition in binding assays 
    Methodology: FRET, HTRF, FP

Fluorophore Labeling of Proteins and Peptides

Methodology: Fluorescein, Biotin, Alexa-flu

Compound Characterization:

  • Solubility
    Methodology: ABS, HPLC


  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy
    Methodology: 3D FI

  • Protein - Peptide/Nucleic acids/Small molecule Interaction
    Methodology: FP 


  • Nucleic acids quantification

Biophysical Assays

  • Protein-small molecule interaction
    Methodology: Thermal Shift



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