Research Histopathology

Research Histopathology

Smart Assays offers comprehensive, tailored to needs, research histopathological services to biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies.


Optimize the value of your study:

From experiment design to data analysis and reporting, we provide our clients with expert consulting, top-level technical performance, in-depth evaluation and critical interpretation of results.


Find the optimal solution:

Our experience and expertise enable us to find an optimal solution, meeting the specific needs of every project, and deliver clear and reliable results.

We stand at the forefront of the histopathology research and are ready to cope with the most challenging tasks including comprehensive immuno-histochemical profiling of animal and human tissues, using commercially available and customized Tissue Multi Arrays.


Among our services:

  • Expert guidance in the design of the studies

  • Fixation, embedding and sectioning of tissue samples

  • Routine and special histological staining

  • In situ hybridization

  • Immunohistochemistry

  • Immunohistochemical profiling with commercially available and customized Tissue Multi Arrays

  • Preclinical models studies


Image analysis and quantification customized to the requirements of an individual project.

Routine, special and immunohistochemical staining in model of liver fibrosis

Proliferation: Ki67 staining in 

tumor xenograft

Apoptosis: activated caspase 3 in tumor xenograft



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