Developing, designing, verifying and validating your biochemical assays with us will provide you with knowhow, and often with the ‘one-off’ original solution in the most cost-efficient way.


Designing, developing & validating sensitive and specific immunoassays


Binding assays
Including: Fluorescence intensity, FRET, TRF, fluorescence polarization (FP) and alpha screen


Protein analysis

Including: SDS-PAGE, western blotting, Iso-electric focusing, etc.


Enzymatic assays
Kinetic analysis including determination of Km, Vm, mono-and multi-substrate reactions


SOP Writing 

Writing of easy to follow SOPs to be validated in third party CRO or client GMP facilities 


Release Tests

We have gained vast experience in developing release tests assays specially designed to meet FDA and EMA regulations. 

The process includes characterization of standard references, matrix effects evaluation, limits of detection (LOD) determination and evaluation of product stability 


Smart Assays design, develop, verify and validate numerous cell based-assays on commercial cell lines including:

  • Dual luciferase

  • Mammalian two hybrid

  • Potency / Proliferation  

  • Activation /Apoptosis

  • Cell Viability, cytotoxicity, anchorage-dependent cell death, and cellular senescence

  • Angiogenesis Assay

  • Autophagy

  • Cell Adhesion and attachment Cell migration: Chemotaxis, Haptotaxis, Transmigration, Wound healing

  • Macrophage activation assays (Phagocytosis, Oxidative burst assay)

  • Cytokine assays

  • Cell manipulation

  • Transient and stable transfections

  • Induction of cell differentiation

  • Cell cycle synchronization


Drug Discovery


Developing HTS assays

Innovative and efficient development of  successful bioassays designed to be used in High Throughput Screening (HTS). Shortening of development & learning curves for new bioassays



Including caco-2 mono layer transport, Cyp 450 screening, Plasma protein binding, Tox assays


SOP Writing 

Writing of easy to follow SOPs to be validated in third party CRO or client GMP facilities 




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