Bioanalytical Research

Bioanalytical Research

Our bioanalytical unit includes:

  1. LC-MS/MS – HPLC equipped with Triple-quadrupole MS/MS, the golden standard for quantification of molecules in biological matrixes.

  2. HPLC equipped with UV-VIS diode array which enables 3D analysis of retention time vs. UV-VIS spectrum.

  3. Plate reader (spectrophotometer + spectrofluorometer) – determination of full absorbance and 3D fluorescence spectrum of compounds.

The combination of these analytical instruments with our extensive experience in bioanalytical and biochemical assay development allows us expand our services to answer complex biological questions.

The new services includes:

  • Protein size exclusion analysis (SEC).

  • Detection and quantification of drugs in blood and tissue samples – pharmacokinetics.

  • Stability assays for drugs in different biological matrixes (plasma, serum, medium etc.)

  • Kinetics of drugs internalizations into cells (cell lysate analysis).

  • Targeted metabolomics – monitoring levels of specific metabolites in cells, blood, tissues and plant extraction.

  • Any biochemical question that requires monitoring of a specific molecule in complex environments.



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