Scientific Validation

Scientific evaluation is a key component of any Biotech/Pharma investment, or licensing deal. 

Smart Assays offers focused reproduction of major  findings and proof of concept aimed at project validation. 

Thus decreasing investors’ risks, in a time and cost efficient way.


Validation at Smart Assays

  • Authentication and verification of biological results

  • Reproduction of experiments

  • Evaluation of drug candidates

  • Examination of suggested development directions and targets

  • When needed, further proof-of-concept experiment will be designed and performed


  • Independent scientific assessment

  • Comprehensive assessment of a technology’s potential, value and validity  

  • Industry work standards (internal QA)

  • Design, create, document experiments

  • Broad scientific support

  • Working/Consultation with high level R&D experts

  • Fully reproducible results

  • Intellectual property obtained during due-diligence is client’s propriety


  • FTE program for up to six months

  • Tech transfer from academy

  • Organization of materials by industry requirements

  • Project feasibility 

  • Optimization and qualification of assays

  • Full report and SOPs

  • Tech transfer to client’s facility

  • All work is performed according to key milestones and go/no-go stages




Choosing to conduct your research with Smart Assays FTE program assures you:

  • A PhD researcher

  • 100% committed to conducting your R&D

  • Provided with constant scientific support and management

  • Works within a state-of-the-art equipped laboratory in high level QA standards

  • Full documentation for reproducibility

  • At the end of the project, if so agreed, your FTE researcher can transfer to your facilities for implementation or for further work on the project

FTE - Your Scientist at Our Facilities

Scientific Validation

Validation Milestones

   Month 1

   Month 2-3

   Month 4-5

   Month 6

Literature review

Protocols writing and tech-transfer 

Writing of scientific work plan


Optimization of protocols


Depending on the project: 

Full validation

Hits’ validation


Development of additional assays

SOPs and full report. 

Start tech transfer to client’s facility



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