Prominent Success Stories

Prominent Success Stories

1‭. ‬Due-diligence and early-stage drug discovery‭ ‬


  • ‭‬Single FTE Biochemist‭ (‬Ph.D‭.) ‬for 3‭ ‬years‭.

  • Development of completely novel protein‭ ‬–‭ ‬protein interaction platform including co-immune-precipitation‭, ‬fluorescence polarization‭, ‬ELISA‭. ‬

  • Assays were established as a platform and upon customer request we easily shifted to different pairs of protein targets‭. ‬

  • Establishing diverse cell-based assays including mammalian two hybrid‭, ‬proliferation‭. ‬

  • Biophysical binding assays‭: ‬DSF‭ (‬Thermal shift‭), ‬solubility‭. ‬

  • Preforming LTS screen of focused chemical libraries‭.

  • Weekly reporting and meeting with customer‭.

  • Reports‭ ‬&‭ ‬experimental‭ ‬documentation‭ ‬at customers request‭.

2‭. ‬Due-diligence‭: ‬Tech transfer of licensed biological drug‭ ‬


  • Single FTE Biochemist (‬Ph.D‭.) ‬for one year‭.

  • Development of battery of assays to determine activation of immune cells‭. ‬

  • ‬Development of lectin-based Elisa‭ ‬assays‭, ‬oxidative burst‭ ‬cell-based assay‭, ‬western blot on IEF separation and more‭. ‬

  • Weekly reporting and meeting with customer‭.

3‭. ‬Due diligence‭‭ ‬


  • Single FTE Biochemist‭ (‬M.Sc‭.) ‬for 6‭ ‬months‭.

  • Reception and organization of materials‭.

  • Transfer and qualification of cell-free and cell-based screening assays‭.‬

  • Screening of drugs‭.

  • Test feasibility of fluorescence polarization assay‭, ‬aimed to serve as a bio-‬analytic test for the identification of the drug in sera‭. ‬

  • Weekly reporting and meeting with customer‭.

  • Tech‭-‬transfer of assays and materials to customer’s facility‭. ‬



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