Early Stage Project Maturation

Early Stage Projects' Maturation

We conduct focused R&D aimed at producing clear proof‭-‬of‭-‬concept data that is our clients’‭ ‬propriety‬. We develop the Early Stage company’s core assets‭, ‬and‭ ‬prepare it for the next step‭: ‬a significant external investment‭.

Significant advantages for the entrepreneur‬: 

Save costs of laboratory rent‭, ‬equipment purchase‭, ‬salaries‭, ‬overhead and expert‭ ‬consultants’‭ ‬fees. 

Risk reduction and management for the investor

Limited commitment – no rent, no equipment purchase, commitment is for R&D only, milestone by milestone

Save set-up‭, ‬calibration and training time‭ ‬–‭ ‬start your research from day‭-‬1 in a top level facility‭ ‬

Better Research – Better Chances

Top rate scientific support and management saving valuable R&D time and mone

R&D will be conducted‭ ‬within an established QA system‭, ‬and your results will be fully‭ ‬reproducible‭ ‬. 

Knowledge Packed To Go  Knowhow acquired during R&D at Smart Assays is client’s property. All procedures & protocols documents, comply with standard QA and reproducible

With broad scientific support and management‭, ‬your project will advance significantly‭ ‬




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